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  • 5/27/98 - 2 months later! Whoo! The Tao of Tenchi Muyo added.
  • 3/27/98 - The Zen of Sailor Moon added!
  • 3/10/98 -Understanding Man And Nature With Nausicca Added! Martial Arts With Rurouni Kenshin revised.

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  • Introductions to series I have used are in the works.

    I was talking about Taoism with a couple of friends from school one day, expousing the benefits of this semi-obscure Eastern philosophy, when one of these said friends pointed out that I had become quite comical, talking about such serious things while wearing an Anime tee-shirt which sported the cocky-looking Ryoko of "Tenchi-Muyo!" fame.

    As I proceeded to point out that spirituality and a fondness for Japanese cartoons featuring large robots and incredibly complex teenage love triangles were not necessarily exclusive of each other, a thought struck me; what if I could explain Taoism using Anime? The Tao flows through Anime just as much as anything else, right? If they could do it with Winnie-The-Pooh, I could do it with the volatile relationship of Ranme And Akane.

    Well, this homepage is the product of that friendly argument. Hopefully, it will provide an introduction the Taoist concepts which I find so useful, while doing it in an enjoyable, humorous manner. So strap on your mecha and dive in. The Tao awaits you.

    If you have any suggestions, comments, corrections, or even submissions, don't hesitate to send them to me at mulder@ntplx.net.

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  • About Taoism What Is Taoism? Here you'll find a brief introduction to the history of Taoism, and some background information that will help you start out on your spiritual journey.

    About Anime What is Anime? Find out more about the world of Japanese Animation, it's background, and even some reccomended viewing for newcomers.

    The Tao of Anime The Tao Of Anime. Use your favorite Anime shows to better understand the natural order of the world around you.

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